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Hemp and CBD Business Consulting Services

Let's face itstarting a successful CBD business is no easy task. We would love to help you succeed in this rapidly growing industry! 

We are here because of our passion for cannabis, and our deep desire to expand its acceptance and normalization. We do not consider the cannabis industry to be a zero-sum game, and we feel as if we are succeeding in our mission when we help others thrive in this growing industry. 

Retail CBD business consulting services available for the following fields:

  • payment processor selection and acquisition

  • banking 

  • website development 

  • SAAS 

  • branding 

  • insurance solutions

  • copyrighting and trademarking  

  • retail product selection and sourcing

  • white label and private label product development and supply
  • marketing strategies

  • graphic design

  • packaging solutions

  • business model development and scaling

  • logistic requirements

  • search engine optimization (SEO)       

  • retail space/real estate (licensed Realtors® on hand)

  • etc

Hemp/CBD grower/wholesaler consulting services available in the fields listed above—with the addition of our expertise in grower and wholesale specific issues such as:

  • cloning and genetic selection/refinement of phenotype/genotype/chemotype 

  • intellectual property/strain acquisition (rights to replicate) 

  • harvesting, drying, trimming and curing 

  • greenhouse design and grow operations

  • field planning, planting, and grow operations

  • integrated pest management (IPM) strategies 

  • bulk sales, brokering, and wholesale marketing strategies 

  • commercial/industrial/agricultural real estate (licensed Realtors® on hand) 

  • etc.

Anyone interested in Everyday Cannabis CBD Business Consultation Services should contact us to schedule their free 10 minute call with an Everyday Consultant. Let our passion for and our knowledge of this amazing industry help you get to where you want to be.