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About Us

Our History and Mission

  • Everyday Cannabis was founded in the summer of 2020 as a local supplier of CBD prerolls and by early 2021 had grown into a retail brand, wholesaler, and consultation firm. Our mission is to better the Earth and humanity via the perpetuation of cannabis normalization and distribution. We've got a deep connection to the cannabis plant, and we believe that the best things in life are natural. Learn about our CEO here.
  • In the ideal sense, Everyday Cannabis wants to be a catalyst for change. We dream of a better, freer future when cannabis products are as commonplace as tomato products.
  • Everyday Cannabis is a family owned business. Our transition into the cannabis industry was predicated by the unbelievable appreciation and passion our family developed for cannabis after using it for years following numerous combat deployments and severe automotive accidents. The only real issue we had with using cannabis as much as we did, was finding a supplier that offered a consistently effective, quality product at a fair, affordable price. Everyday Cannabis hopes to fill that void in the marketplace.
  • Everyday Cannabis makes its best effort to work directly with hemp farmers, offering them an outlet to sell their harvest with full pricing transparency and without obligatory grow contracts. Our Sowellian, free market approach to hemp flower distribution lets the market and; more importantly maybe, the flower, speak for itselfwhich proudly often allows us to pay the small craft farmers that we work with well above market average for their crops. 
  • We have wonderful opportunities for affiliate marketers, retailers, wholesalers, and those looking to start their own CBD brands. As mentioned on our consultation page, we do not see the cannabis industry as a zero-sum game. We're currently working with an ever growing group of dedicated, passionate cannabis aficionados that help to spread the love of Everyday Cannabis and its CBD products to their local brick and mortars, their friends directly, online, and via "party plan" sales approaches. We like to think that our products really do make the world a better placefull of happier people. So for us, it's a win-win-win... our products get more exposure and sales, the world improves thanks to increased cannabis normalization and a reconnection to nature, and we give someone who is passionate about the cannabis industry a very nice side hustle that easily has the ability to become a full-time job. Hit us up if you've got any questions. 
  • We are continually honored and humbled by our opportunity to participate in such a rewarding industry and we make it our mission to make our world a better place through cannabis. Everyday Cannabis is proud to consider itself a strong participant in the ongoing normalization and legalization of all forms of cannabis. Please let us know if there are any suggestions or issues regarding our store or our company by emailing us at  We love hearing from the people we are so happy to serve!

Discounted CBD for Veterans, Military, Law Enforcement, and First Responders

  • We have a deep level of respect for the services rendered and the sacrifices made by all military, law enforcement, and first responders which advance FREEDOM, promote EQUALITY, and ensure the functionality and safety of our society for EVERYONE
  • As a combat-veteran operated company, we value freedom more than words can describe, and feel that the cannabis revolution is a major step towards making this country truly have liberty and justice for all. All of us at Everyday Cannabis are proud to offer a 20% discount on to all active and former military, law-enforcement, and first responders. All they've got to do is set up a customer account and then email us with their account information and an image of a verifying identification card. We'll let them know once they're approved and then assign them a discount code which can be used with all purchases made through their account (excludes clearance items and bulk/wholesale purchases and may not be used in conjunction with other coupon codes).