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Honolulu Haze CBD Hemp Flower Hydroponic
Honolulu Haze Hemp CBD Flower
Honolulu Haze CBD Hemp Flower COA
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Honolulu Haze Hydroponic CBD Flower

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 Honolulu Haze Hydroponic Hemp Flower 


17.473% Total Cannabinoids  13.784% CBD

Everyday Cannabis Honolulu Haze Hydroponic Hemp Flower: Grown in America, Third-Party Tested, Farmer-Direct Flower, Small-Batch Craft Grown, High Cannabinoid, Hydroponic, Greenhouse Grown, Sun Grown, Hand Trimmed, 60/40 Sativa Dominant

Must be 21+ to purchase.


     Our Honolulu Haze CBD Hemp Flower is another fantastic strain of CBD flower that we were able to acquire from the female-owned, climate-controlled grow-op just a few miles away from us—Almanac Hemp

     Honolulu Haze is a hybrid strain that's slightly sativa dominant, resulting in a cultivar that's energeticyet surprisingly level and focused. Known as the "vacay any day strain", this smokable hemp flower has a taste that lives up to its name: an interestingly sweet combination of earth, pine, mango, and coconut.  As one would expect, this hemp flower is seed-free, dank, dense, sticky and ickysmelling like a blend of pineapple, banana, and jet fuel. 


     Grams, halves, and ounces are packaged in resealable black Mylar bags with 62% humidity packs. Eighths and quarters are packaged in recyclable black plastic jars with child-resistant lids and 62% humidity packs.


     WARNINGS/DISCLAIMERS: This product is not FDA approved and Everyday Cannabis LLC makes no claims or implications that this product effectively treats or cures any illness or disease. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not use this product without the approval of a physician. This product might impair the ability to drive or operate heavy machinery. You can find more information here

     Although unlikely, it's possible that this product may cause a positive drug screening. We suggest that individuals subject to drug testing not use this product. 

     Store product in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and out of the reach of children. 2018 Farm Bill compliant - less than .3% THC

     This product is for customers 21+ 


     Check out our current bulk flower deals hereEmail us if you are interested in 3+ pounds of Honolulu Haze CBD Hemp Flower, or any other of our CBD Flower products. We will be able to offer wholesale pricing and save you money. 

Customer Reviews

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Jeff Harris
Spot on description of terpenes

Hands down the best tasting hemp I've tried. I typically sample the terpenes before I decarboxylate and make granola. I'm probably going to set more on fire and inhale. Very happy I found this strain. Thank you everyday.