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Casino Cookies Hemp CBD Bud Nug Flower

Casino Cookies CBD Hemp Clones (Limited Supply)

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Casino Cookies High CBD Female Hemp Clones

These hemp clones are in limited supply for the 2021 grow season. Contact us if you are interested in them.

Hemp Clone Basics

Many of the people at Everyday Cannabis have spent a fair amount of their time growing hemp. As growers, we really prefer clones over other start options due to their uniformity of both appearance and cannabinoid expression. As a grower of clones, you'll find that all of your plants of the same strain will be ready for harvest at the same time, instead of at the varying levels of flower and plant maturity so commonly associated with seed started hemp plants. This is due to the fact that seeds have genetic differences inherent to their individuality, while clones are exact copies of a mother plant. Your field of hemp clones will be full of exact copies of the same plant! 

We offer numerous strains, some of which flower much earlier than others. If you're interested, we can design a grow plan that incorporates numerous strains and will allow for a staggered harvest. A staggered harvest is great for situations where harvest help is in short supply!  

Facts about our Casino Cookies Hemp Clones 

  • This strain is still in the developmental phase. Currently in very limited supplylet us know if it’s on your radar and we’ll add you to our "wish list" in case we are underestimating their availability.
  • Minimum order one tray. Each tray contains 72 clones.
  • This is an Almanac Planting Co proprietary strain.
  • Delivery, pickup, and shipping options are available
  • Located in Berks County, Pennsylvania. 
  • Sold via a partnership program with Almanac Planting Co. 
  • All sales are through Almanac Planting Co.

No clone sales online! All interested parties should contact or (please tell her where you found out about her clones).