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Wholesale Hemp/CBD FAQs

I'm a grower and I'd like to start supplying you with hemp flower. How can I do that?

  • The first step is to drop us an email us at Please include photos of your flower, COAs, weight available, address and name of your farm/grow-op, strain (and origin/seed company associated with strain if known), and any price sheets you may have. Assuming things come together with the aforementioned basics, the next step will be you getting your flower samples to us. Once received, we can further evaluate your flower based on things such as age, taste, smell, terpene profile, appearance, density, and moisture content. If things keep working out, we may sign you as a supplier. We feel like our system is simple, fair, and transparent. 

Do you contractually obligate your growers?

  • Yes and no. We may sign contracts with our growers that include things such as verification and assurance of safe growing/OMRI practices (we mandate third party testing on all of the cannabis products we sell), verification and assurance of product legitimacy (via third party testing), etc. The aforementioned contracts will only ever apply to harvested flower that Everyday Cannabis has sampled per our flower procurement process. We will never ask a grower to sign any agreement that would lock them into any situation they would not want to be in such as exclusivity in regards to harvests, grow rights, farm use, subsequent grow commitments, etc. 

Why would I not want to just sell my harvest myself? Why should I involve you?

  • Not all growers have the time or ability to sell all of their flower themselves, either direct to consumers or wholesale. Many that can find wholesale buyers for all of their flower are often paid well below retail market value for it. Everyday Cannabis is here to bridge the gaps between cannabis consumers, growers, and wholesalers. 

Am I guaranteed to be able to sell my hemp flower on your site? 

  • The grow operations that we work with do not sell any of their flower on our site. Everyday Cannabis is the seller of all of the products on this website, and those products must meet stringent quality control requirements to get there. Offline; however, Everyday Cannabis partially functions as a bulk CBD/CBG hemp flower brokering service that is in contact with an ever growing list of extractors, start-ups, brick-and-mortars, and wholesale distribution centerseach with their own requirements and needs. So even if your flower isn't something that we could use, we are still very interested in helping you connect with people who could.  

How do I start my own CBD brand? Can you help me with that and can you supply white label CBD products?

  • White label CBD wellness is a huge part of Everyday Cannabis. We love helping brands establish themselves and grow. As mentioned on our consultation page, we can help companies navigate this emerging industry in numerous ways. In addition to our custom label CBD product options, we also sell bulk hemp flower and branded Everyday Cannabis products in wholesale quantities. Reach out to learn more. 

I would like to buy wholesale. How does that work? 

  • Please contact us to set up a wholesale B2B account. We'll be able to work something out depending on what you'd like to purchase (product type, quantity, etc). Please check out our white-label/private label CBD product page if that's what you're leaning towards. If you're seeking wholesale quantities of branded Everyday Cannabis CBD products, your best method of product acquisition is is going to be the use of our wholesale portal. 

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