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CBD Affiliate Marketing

Thanks for your interest in the Everyday Cannabis Affiliate Marketing Program!

Everyday Cannabis Hemp Leaf Made with One-Hundred Dollar Bills

Our affiliate program is a great way to spread the freedom and love inherent to the Everyday Cannabis brand, while making money (up to 20% commissions on the sale price of most retail items, and 10% on wholesale items) at the same time! 

Unlike many other affiliate programs, ours is no risk and requires no money out-of-pocket to join. 

We offer our affiliates great coupon codes that they can share with their friends, family, and online. These coupon codes will drive sales for our affiliates! 

Our affiliate program is multi-level, but not in a complicated, pyramid-scheme type of way. It's simple, actuallyif you're an affiliate and you refer other affiliates, you'll get 5% of their affiliate income paid to you, by us. 


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