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Kosher Certified CBD Oil

Kosher Certified Hemp Oil Tinctures

     Everyday Cannabis has Kosher CBD Tinctures that have been certified by OK Kosher. In addition to Kosher certification, Everyday Cannabis CBD Oil Tinctures are also USDA Certified Organic. 

     In today's modern CBD marketplace—saturated, with more brands than anyone can keep track of—it's more important than ever to make sure that you're getting your CBD oil from a brand that you can trust.

     Since talk is cheap, we wanted to back up our products with something different. The certifications that we offer on our CBD Wellness Products, especially our CBD Oil, are one of the many ways that us at Everyday Cannabis try to set ourselves apart from the rest of the herd.

     Although there are cost considerations associated with producing high-quality CBD products able to be certified Organic and Kosher, we do our best to not pass those costs along to our customers. In fact, we offer our certified products at a price point that is comparable, and often lower, than many non-certified CBD products.  

     We feel it's our mission is to offer premium CBD wellness products at a fair, and affordable price.


What Makes CBD Oil Able to be Kosher?

     Our CBD oil is able to be certified as Kosher because of its pure, high-quality ingredients and because it's made in a clean, FDA registered facility that operates in accordance with cGMP standards. The word "Kosher" actually means pure and trustworthy. That's why Kosher products are held to such high standards



What Does Kosher CBD Oil Taste Like?

     Our Kosher CBD oil tastes similar to traditional CBD oil, maybe slightly more dynamic due to our unique extraction methods and choice of carrier oil (discussed in more detail below).

     We currently sell USDA Certified Organic, Kosher CBD oil in two flavors.

  • Mint Flavor CBD Oil (1800 mg)
  • Natural Flavor CBD Oil (1800 mg)


 What Does Mint Flavor CBD Oil Taste Like? 

     Mint flavor CBD oil is often infused with large amounts of flavoring that gives the oil a strong mint flavor. Oftentimes, the mint flavor is so strong and artificial that it gives the tincture a flavor that, when combined with the flavor of hemp extract, somewhat resembles the bad taste of medicine.  

     Our mint flavor Kosher CBD oil contains organic flavoring which gives the oil a slight mint flavor. We like to think that our flavoring compliments the great taste of our full-spectrum CBD oil tincture rather than masking it. 


What Does Natural Flavor CBD Oil Taste Like?

     Our natural flavor Kosher CBD oil contains no ingredients other than Organic MCT Oil and Organic Hemp Extract. Expect a dynamic flavor profile with our natural oil, as our use of full-spectrum extract ensures our product has a wide variety of cannabinoids, terpenes, and yes.... flavonoids

     We like to think that the flavor of natural CBD oil is an acquired tastegrassy, earthy, and mildly bitter... but all slightly muted due to the masking aspect of the MCT oil. It's a flavor that many people actually grow to love, in a fashion similar to the developed appreciation for uncommon flavors like coffee, beer, and energy drinks. 


Carrier Oil and Its Influence on CBD Oil Quality

     Unflavored, or "natural" flavor CBD oil has a unique taste that is largely dependent on the type of carrier oil used. If you don't know, carrier oil is the type of oil in which the hemp extract is suspended. 

     We chose to use MCT oil as our carrier for a variety of reasons. 

     The taste of MCT oil is quite complementary to the full-spectrum, sub-critical hemp extract which we use in our tinctures. Many carrier oils have unique tastes and flavors which contrast with our extract. MCT oil; on the other hand, is almost flavorless, almost acting as a sort of buffer against the strong flavor of our extract. 

     Other carriers such as hemp seed oil, olive oil, sesame oil, and grape seed oil don't quite work as well with our full-spectrum extract. This is primarily due to reasons such as product stability and storage, taste, and the way that different carrier oils (fats) influence the behavior of CBD after ingestion.  

     Although we are huge believers in the entourage effect, we're considering offering broad-spectrum tinctures in the future. We've been experimenting with various broad-spectrum extracts derived from a plethora of extraction techniques. Some of these extracts have flavors  that work quite well with different carrier oils. It's possible that we may offer broad-spectrum tinctures with one of these different carrier oils in the future, although this leads us into our next reason for using MCT oil. 

     MCT oil seems to be the best choice of carrier for product effectiveness and storage. This is due to the fact that MCT oil seems to allow quick absorption due to its molecular structure. 


 Full-Spectrum Kosher CBD Oil

     Our Kosher CBD Oil is made with full-spectrum hemp extract. If you don't know, full-spectrum is a reference to the chemical composition of the extract. Hemp extracts can be broken into three major groups based on their compositions.

  • Full-spectrum
    • contains the widest array of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids as possible (within the limit of the extraction method and the law)
    • contains a legal limit of THC
    • often takes the form of a tar-like liquid
  • Broad-spectrum
    • essentially the same as full-spectrum, but without the THC
    • often takes the form of a tar-like liquid
  • Isolate
    • a highly refined product which is often 99+% pure (example: CBD isolate is 99+% CBD)
    • often takes the form of a white powder


Subcritical Alcohol Extraction

     Our full-spectrum, Kosher CBD Oil is made with extract that has been sub-critically extracted. By using food-grade, Kosher alcohol in our sub-critical extraction process; instead of the many other chemical compounds that other companies use, is what allows us to have the variety of quality certifications that we do. 

     The majority of other companies produce CBD oil products that are made with extract which has been extracted super-critically. Super-critical extraction methods use a combination of solvents and pressure to produce extract. Although efficient, supercritical extraction is incapable of extracting the variety of terpenes and flavonoids as our sub-critical, food-grade Kosher alcohol extraction method. Discussed in more detail in a prior blog, our subcritical, food-grade alcohol extraction process ultimately results in a product that has a greater diversity of beneficial plant compounds than others. 

     The less variety of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that a CBD product has, the less potential there is for the entourage effect to be maximized.


The Entourage Effect

     Also discussed in a prior blog, the entourage effect is the proposed beneficial synergy of various cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and miscellaneous plant compounds. Our CBD oilwhich has a greater diversity of these compounds (than other CBD oil products) due to our use of subcritical extractionis designed to harness the power of the entourage effect to the greatest extent possible.

     In simple terms, the entourage effect implies that the result of taking a combination of cannabinoids (like CBD and THC) and/or other compounds like terpenes will yield better results than taking individual substances (like pure CBD). 

     Our appreciation of the entourage effect is the primary reason that our flagship CBD wellness products have been made with full-spectrum hemp extract that has been extracted sub-critically. We wanted the absolute best, most chemically diverse, USDA Certified Organic extract for our Kosher CBD oil. 


The Best Kosher CBD Oil

     In addition to the USDA Organic and Kosher certifications that we've got on our CBD oil products, we're also committed to ensuring that they are produced with the highest degrees of safety and quality in mind. We're proud to say that our CBD oil is produced in a facility that has been FDA registered, and that our CBD oil products are manufactured in accordance with cGMP standards. 

     Additionally, the extract that we utilize in our CBD tincture production has been third-party tested for a wide variety of contaminates and dangers, ensuring that nothing but the best goes into our products. We ensure this through the use of what is known as a "full-panel" test, which tests for contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, fungus, toxins, and solvents. 

     The CBD wellness products that we produce from our full-panel tested extract are then tested by a third-party laboratory for potency. Potency testing essentially ensures that the end product contains the amount of CBD that it is advertised to. This is a big deal, considering that some studies estimate that as many as 70% of all CBD products on the market are mislabeled.  Mislabeled CBD products often contain too little or too much CBD in comparison to the labeled strength. 


Premium Kosher CBD That Supports Veterans

     Everyday Cannabis is a combat-veteran operated CBD company. We entered the CBD industry after developing a deep connection with cannabis following numerous combat deployments and severe automotive accidents. Our professional journey started with cannabis cloning and genetic development through our partner company, Almanac Planting (doing business as Almanac Hemp). 

     Almanac's success led to an interest in the formation of a retail brand, the result being Everyday Cannabis. We've since been able to grow Everyday into a white-label CBD product manufacturer and consultation firm. We're committed to not seeing the cannabis industry as a zero-sum game, as we continue to prioritize our mission of premium CBD product distribution as a method of promoting our root cause: enhancing society through cannabis normalization. 

     As we grow, we're hoping to maintain a team that is constituted of at least fifty percent veteran and/or rehabilitated criminals (mainly resulting from the drug war). We feel that both demographics are often marginalized within American society, and hope to offer a positive contribution to these groups through employment opportunities and charitable donations. 

     We know, firsthand, the issues facing combat veterans within the modern workforce, and hope to provide a welcoming environment for them. Veterans often get along best with other veterans, as they're able to share experiences and military humor—something unique to those who have served. 

     Rehabilitated criminals often find it difficult to find decent and meaningful employment after they're labeled by our justice system. Despite the fact that many are great people who simply made mistakes when they were younger, our society seems to continually hold back those who would otherwise succeed without the label of "felon". This paradigm often results in a cycle of poverty for rehabilitated criminals and their families; ironically, often perpetuating criminality. We hope that our belief in second chances, and our desire to offer some (as we grow), will help to break this cycle. 


Buy Kosher CBD Products

     Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post. We hope that it helped you to better understand some of the aspects of Kosher CBD hemp oil products. We would be honored if you would consider our CBD products if you are on the market for premium CBD. Please reach out if you've got any questions. We're here for you.


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